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The Club Central PT Mentorship Programme along with InFitness combines business knowledge with experience to help you grow your business and live your dream

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Affordable and easy to use software developed by Netgen and a personal trainer to make admin simple and stress free. Manage your clients, schedule bookings and keep up to date with all your invoices and payments. Keep all your admin paperless and safe in the cloud, no heavy files needed.


Club Central PT software was developed by Netgen in conjunction with fitness industry experts.

Netgen believes in forming relationships with experts in order to deliver a product that is 100% suited to meet the needs of that industry.

Jarrod Cadle with his many years of personal training experience, is an integral part of Netgen’s  Club Central PT team. Jarrod runs his own personal training business and together with Netgen saw the need to create the easy-to-use and reliable online client management software, Club Central PT. A lot of time and gruelling hours were put into Club Central PT to discover what was needed and what would work for trainers in the local and international market.

“Market analyses showed that overseas software was very expensive, confusing and had programs that were only used in the American Market and would not work in the UK or South Africa. A lot of the software was PC or Mac based and hence the trainer using a mobile could not use it. We have definitely made the easiest to use software in the industry, which can be used online from any device, PC, tablet or smartphone”

Netgen has also formed a close relationship with InFitness, a specialist fitness training, management and recruitment company. Club Central PT software is a key component for their person training mentorship programme and forms an integral part of making personal trainers more professional and successful business owners.

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Helping you turn your passion into a successful business!

The Club Central PT mentorship programme in conjunction with Nick Freemantle, InFitness combines business knowledge with experience to guide you and gives you the tools to grow your business and live your dream.




  • All business documents personally branded
  • All your marketing material including business cards, newsletters and client contracts etc
  • On-line clients management and payment system
  • Weekly support conference call
  • Weekly blog and promotions
  • Free on-line CPD videos
  • Monthly workouts
  • Monthly motivational music mix
  • Members only Facebook group page
  • ClubcentralPT Full Membership


Nick Freemantle, is a 2014 top 10 global finalist in Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch Competition.Nick partnered up with Africas’ first and only internationally 5 star rated trainer, Scott Schreuder.This program is designed to help new or struggling trainers to learn how to interact with clients, to create your own unique brand, how to manage your bookings and business transactions, fresh marketing material, weekly articles, workout videos and more!


Use Club Central PT from any smartphone, tablet, or computer


Conveniently schedule classes, and book or change appointments

Client profiles and history

Quickly review and update client profiles, including history, photos, notes, schedules and documents

Automated billing

Bookings will automatically generate an invoice which can be emailed directly as a PDF to your client. Balances update and you can see where money is owed.

Alerts and notifications

Get notified of billing or contract issues so you can address them with clients before they get expensive

Real-time reporting and analytics

See at a glance the key metrics that matter to your business

Client communications and updates

Keep clients informed with emails, reminders, and notifications

Integrated email marketing

Easily automate branded email campaigns

Online bookings, scheduling and payments made easy

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Pricing for Club Central PT ONLY (Mentorship Programme NOT Included)

All this for only R300* per month | or sign up for a 1 month free trial

Simple No Fuss Pricing Structure

Club Central PT doesn’t require any upfront expensive hardware or Software Purchases. The entire system costs just R300.00* per month all inclusive. The 200 free SMS bundle is included in this amount saving you even more and also allowing free emails to clients for newsletters and other communication.

* Standalone Price, no mentorship

What you get for your Monthly Subscription of R300.00*

  • Unlimited document storage of client records
  • Full Accounting and no cost email from the system to clients
  • 200 FREE SMS per month
  • Online support 24/7 all inclusive
  • Free Backup to the cloud of all data
  • Access on any web browser, smart phone or Tablet
  • Free updates to the system
  • Invoices generated on the system sent directly to clients
  • Full accounting history per client
  • Full Booking history per client
  • Full monthly breakdown of turnover and comparisons to the previous period
  • Unlimited emails at no cost to clients including newsletters and standard communications

The Club Central Pricing is on a month to month Debit order with no fixed contract required. All updates are provided at no extra cost and support is included in the monthly rate.

* Standalone Price, no mentorship

  • I have been doing Personal Training for more than 5 years and I absolutely hate doing admin…until I started using Club Central. This online software helps you manage your bookings, handles your accounts and stores all your clients’ information from contact details to special training requirements. It gives you that edge on your competition and gives your business a complete professional feel. You can set up a newsletter to send to your leads and clients through an easy to use template. Your clients will never miss another session again because they will receive a confirmation message before every session. Since I have been using Club Central, my clients have been paying on time, coming to sessions on time, less cancellations and more referrals via word to mouth from existing clients.

    Nick Freemantle Personal Trainer
  • Club Central is a very easy and unique way of managing clients for personal training. All you do is enter your client’s details and when you have them booked for. The program does the rest for you, it sends you a text a day before reminding you of the clients you have booked the next day, it also displays “payments due” and “Un-Invoiced amounts”. Club Central also sends a text to each client on their birthday to give you that special “touch” to your business. If you are a personal trainer and have trouble keeping up with what clients you have and when, then this is the program for you .Its easy, just go to and follow the steps to making your life a lot easier.

    Henko le Roux Personal Trainer


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